An introduction to Me

Hi. I have not had any presentation material about myself in english before on my web site, so I add it here now. I do not believe that all the world wants to know who I am, but some people who find my web site do get curious.
At this point, this document is no finished. It will never be since I am not finished either, but I am building the page step by step. Headlines that is not followed by any text means that I plan to write something there, I just have not done it yet.

Short facts
Born: Oct 3, 1977
Living: Bjärnum, Sweden
Ethnic stuff: Skåning, a swedish minority (1/6 of the population), subclass of the Scandinavians.
Gender: Male
Looks: Read curly hair, beard, glass-eyes, white/pale
Physics: 190 cm, 68 kg
Clothes: Jeans. Short jeans in summer. Mono-coloured t-shirt. Adds on a shirt or a jumper if colder.
Languages: 1:st: Swedish. 2:nd: english. 3:rd: german, spanish, russian.
Religion: Christian
Driving licence: none
Military service: none
Linux dist: Debian.
Special properties: Have seen the second half of the movie. Sleeps with my head under the pillow. Know somebody who...

My story so far
I was born in October the 3:rd, 1977, at the hospital of Hassleholm. By then, I had two parents, and two brothers. I am now down to one of each, but that comes later.
My home was in a small suburban area outside the larger but not very big city of Tyringe. There was a lot of kids, and a rail track was the northern border of my universe. It passed by a dump that was in that end, and we sometimes went to the dump if we could time it with a train and threw stuff on it.
Folowing the rail track, one reached some houses next to the church and the burial grounds. I never went there, or to the closed down sawmill, they were both to far away for me. Then on the south end, the road that conected Tyringe and Hassleholm. I remember biking out there on my three-wheeler, and my mother chasing after me, not wanting me to be on the road with the cars. I was upset about it, thinking I could monitor the trafic.
The road crossed a creek that passed through a small forest. This bordered to a construction site and then some bushlands I never visited, and then a roadcross over the rail and that was my entire universe.
This, combined with lots of kids, made it a great place to grow up in. This lasted until 1982.

I do not remember much of what happened next. Maybe I shall be happy about it. What I do remember is that I went into the kitchen and saw my parents argue about something and felt very unplesant about it. Next thing I remember is how we put all our stuff in my uncle Charlies truck and move away. Daddy does not come with us. Next memory, or it might have happened before that, is how I am standing on my toes watching in through a window trying to get a glimps of the inside of the house. That very room came to be my own room for many years. When I write this in april 2004 I live with my mother and dispose that room for my self.

Although there only passes a few days or weeks or months in this period, the memories of them is stored in totally diffrent places in my mind. The memories from Tyringe is in the fairy tale section, it could as well have been one thousand years ago, or happened to another person. The part after that goes into my "childhood to youth"- section, that covers up to my late teens. I realy started up a whole new life, at the age of four and a half.

For a few years I do not remember doing much but growing older. Then, I was to attend "trafic school". It was like a pre-pre-school, where we where thought to play nicely in trafic, watch both ways before crossing a street and such. I thought it was boring, but what the heck.
At the age of five I started pre-school. We mostly did thing of therapeuthic nature, had some pedagogic teachings and where playing. I remember a guy teaching us about the human body by showing a big multi layered poster, where he lifted them one by one and got deeper into the body, until he reached the skeleton. From there I remember the most important thing to be the handycraft sessions. We where doing things, sewing or was in the wood shop. I liked the wood shop mostly, but we where only alowed in there twice per kid, for the whole year! Would have been better not to have it at all, I thought. And still think.
I also had my first encounters whith bulying, something that would follow me for seven years. Much like the dream Pharao had in the Bible, with seven good and seven bad years. Only I had 5/7.

Then, the year I had my 7:th birthday, I begun school. It is 1984.

To be continued...

Me and religion
Me and politics
My life in comics
Some strips I've found in various places on the web that I feel illustrates some parts of my life, thoughts that I have been thinking or that I reconed myself in in some other way that only I know why. Klick here.

Me and computers
I am a geek, according to some. That is not totaly untrue. Although I do have other interests. Some sort of a life. But anyhow, how did I get here? Hmm.. My first experience with computers was games on my cousins C-64. Those where the days... But I was the youngest in the group consisting of me, my brothers, and my cousin, so I was never alowed to operate the computer, only the joystick. I think I know more about computers now than all of them together, oh sweet irony.
Now, it was back in 1993, just before the internet-boom, I first sat down by a computer and did some stuff of my own. This was on a 33 mhz 4:86 with DOS and Win 3.1, at my old highschool. There I learnt BBS, Basic Boring Stuff, such as MS-word etc. It did not take me long before I hated it. Although I loved what one could do with a computer, I was feed up with the software. I liked Microsoft less and less.
The 3:rd and last year on highschool (in Sweden highschool is 3 years) I attended a class in 'matemathics and programming'. There I learnt about Pascal. I still thinks Pascal is a cute programming language, although I never uses it for anything any longer. I wrote a game that was never finished that I ponder making GPL. The code is a mess thogh, be aware.
The Pascal experience was my first step into the geekhood, and 2 years after I graduated I begun at the University of Blekinge, in 1998. After just one semester, my father died unexpectadly, and I canceled my studies. 2 years later, I was back again and I was a student once more.
Soon after I moved to Karlskrona for my studies, I joined the FUKT computer society. It was there I first heard about Linux and the only thing I knew about it was that it was an option to Windows, wich I had not learned to like better over the years. So I decided to try it, and I liked it. This lead the initiation of my MIP, Microsoft Independent Project. Today I am almost done, I use Windows only to play computer games (Come on software industry and release games for Linux too!) and paying my bills (since the amatures at the postgirot demands IE to acces their systems).(Update: Postgirot now alows Mozilla to use their site.)
When I first heard about Linux, the only thing I knew was that it was free, as in free beer. The concepts of Free Software, GNU, GPL, Richard Stallman etc was totaly unfamiliar to me. Over the years I have understund the values of freedom and all that stuff. I will never go back to the slavery under Windows again. This does not mean I think it is wrong to pay for software, or that 'closed' or 'non-free' software is bad, it is the 'use this or die'-mentality of large software corporations like Microsoft that I can not agree with.

Me and back-packing
Through out my childhood, my mother, grown up in a 300 inhab smalltown, always took us kids to the forests for the purpose to walk in it and enjoying it. This has made me love being out there, where we humans belong, as I believe.
A few years ago, somewhere in the late 1990's, I were having dreams. In these dreams I were walking in forests which were so clean, and everything was so beautiful that it was beyond anything imaginable in this world. And it filled me with a feeling of inner peace and happiness. I was complete, at home.
This filled me with a desire, I wanted to have that feeling again, in reality. So I started to daydream of long trips with me and my backpack in the wild. Being free and independent. And the dreams turned into plans.
The summer of 2001 I packed my pack and went out for my first trip, first a 1-day tour with all gear to check out if my backpack, a Berghaus Vulcan Cyclops II, would do. It did. Two days later I left for the real trip, which lasted for 2 days. I then got other things that occupied my mind, so I broke the trip there, and returned home.
Next year, 2002, I had some experience so I had improved my equipment a bit and felt more secure on my self. I set out for a 5 day trip, but only did 2 days. This summer was the hottest since the swedish institute for weather research, SMHI, started their weather monitoring 1860. I had to break due to the heat.
I now have a project, to go all the 1000 or so km's of the Skåneleden, wich I plan to take into year 2007 or 2008. The experiences from this years trip was that 5 centigrade more heat equals 10 kg more stuff in your backpack. I must pack lighter. No more newbie-all-to-much-stuff-packing for me. I am becoming an ultra-lighter. My goal is to reduce the amount of stuff I carry to very low levels, and go really really light. But I feel, I will never stop hiking.

Me and girls
Me and beard
Frequently I get the question how come I wear a beard (I had extremly much facial hair here). It all goes back to when I finished of highschool in 1996. I then got this feeling I could do anything, having no serious plans for my future life.
The only obvious thing to me was to grow a beard, just cus' I could. I have had it ever since.

Me and music
Random thoughts
These are some ideas I have. Since I am a thinking person, some of these may change by time. This is not a political manifest, rather a listing of some things I believe in.
Expand. The only option we have to this today is coal-mills, and they pollute more than nuklear plants, including "radioactive" emisions. The global warming is the most important enviornmntal threat to the planet, and we can not afford to be superstitious about such an important matter.
Lock in and throw away the key if nessesary, but don't kill the guy. You can not be totaly sure he did it, only that if you killed him, he won't get back to life. If you did not gave life, you have not the right to take it away.
I believe the unborns are people too. Thus, it is not your life, and not your body. Abortion is an emergency exit, and should be treated as such.
Should be treated with respect, but they are not people. Don't die for one.
Would be nice if the muslims would actually start doing as Muhammed said in his book.

Said about fille

fille is one of those ballets that sends you home happy
fille is now known as a splice factor
fille is known to be an rna splicing factor
fille is coming from chile
fille is a traditional ballet and lise and colas still have to radiate some glamour
fille is a raw
fille is feminine
fille is a masterpiece of sexy subtlety there will be no complaints from me
fille is subjected to his gaze
fille is breillat's previously unreleased first movie ? a 1975 film her own backers deemed too explicit for a
fille is one of jacques louissaint early masterpieces
fille is particularly sweet in 1994
fille is an ideal vehicle for the joffrey ballet
fille is a variation of the arrangement we played with john & anna peekstok as "extra strength telynor" some years ago
fille is 36 cm/14" high and has a vinyl body
fille is the oldest ballet in the active repertory
fille is distributed in london
fille is breillat's previously unreleased first movie Ñ a 1975 film her own backers deemed too explicit for a
fille is breaking their hearts left and right
fille is leaning on is perhaps empty too
fille is a tranquil keybaord melody
fille is headed for life as a broodmare no matter how far her racing career progresses
fille is a trademark of picasso?s portrait drawings and prints after he abandoned his
fille is concerned with the expression of female desire
fille is a romantic musical comedy
fille is art
fille is an all
fille is
fille is from start
fille is carlo goldoni's pivotal work
fille is a courtesan
fille is created
fille is located right at the foot of the clos saint
fille is jaclar
fille is his first short film which will propell him to stardom and it was first screened here
fille is also more concerned with alice?s rich fantasy life
fille is the story of lise
fille is hier
fille is a bit of a biker boy and like myself a bit of a fast car freak and the same as the rest of the gang he is a bit of a computer nut
fille is owned by both me and my mother
fille is in my room theres some cool stuff to take pictures of
fille is shooting her new feature film
fille is on east clifford place
fille is father to
fille is a member of my language exchange
fille is geen betalende member
fille is girl by the way
fille is correct
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fille is not a substitute for your resume and cover letter
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fille is so anxious to spend some quality time getting naked for you or better yet
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