Words of wisdom
Stuff that is true for us all. My life has been my teacher.

0: A wise man listen to all advice.

1: Do not insult a person you do not intend to get as your personal enemy.

2: You dont know untill you know.

3: If someone has lost a loved one there is nothing you can say to help, so dont. But dont run away.

4: When someone you love has died, or a relation breaks, calculate 2 years to get over it.

5: The prize for love is death.

6: If you cant, dont.

7: You cannot love a child or a woman or man to much.

8: To build a system that relies on that humans act in oposition to their natural instincts is bound to fail.

9: The only way to treat a fool is total ignorance.

10: True humbleness is the same as true realism, or at least close enough.

11: If you are in love, angry, upset, desperate or in a bad mode: Do not make any decision.

12: Confidence is the true currency of life, dont waste it.

13: If you try to put sense into a fool, he will hate you.

14: On the Internet you meet people as text. Therefore its easy to objectify humans. This extracts the bad side in many users. Ignore them. If you cant, leave that society.

15: History repeats. Old mistakes will be made again.

16: Trying to avoid known mistakes, you will do them anyway.

17: If you would manage to avoid the old mistakes, you will end up doing a new one in stead.

18: No matter how stupid it is: If it can be done, someone will do it.

19: Knowing the truth about your self is a form of true freedom.

GetMaxY; A fool follows all advice.

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