Goal of this library

To create a solid (somewhat robust) fake share / cheating detector that gives very few false positives while keeping the number of false negatives to a reasonable level.

Classes/components I need

This is a basic list. More should come. Preferably with detail.
dia files are being worked on (don't worry, I'll make a PNG for you to drool over too, and maybe I'll use dia2code to make the class files).
It won't be done "soon", however, so keep your pants on (always a good idea unless you really wish to get intimate with someone).



Various things to consider

Interfaces to the whole thing. Keep them as generic as possible. Make evalations functions (sorta like "With these settings, is this user with this data a cheater and if so, why?").
Create an interface with a current DC++ version. Make sure to keep the "integration points" few and small. Oh, and cure the common cold while you're at it, won'tcha? :-)
Make nasty threats of all DC++ modders so that they integrate the thing in their programs. This would lead to less "Oh plz plz plz make a DC++<INSERT MOD NAME HERE>k version!!!!1" messages/mails.

You, the evil user

Please send your comments to me. As usual, don't forget to remove the exclamation marks in the mail address.
If you have to send criticism, please make it constructive - otherwise I'll cry and huddle up in a corner, and we don't want that, now do we? :-)

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