Raw commands and you

Some definitions :
Raw commanda string sent directly to the hub, without being restricted in any way whatsoever by the client - may contain several commands
Parametera part of a string processed by the client, which looks like this : %[parameter] with parameter replaced with the name of the parameter -
after processing the string is replaced with something a bit more interesting
CommandA command must be terminated (end with) the pipe character, |

Common raw commands

Common parameters used in the commands are %[mynick] which is translated to your nick in the hub in question and %[nick] which is translated into the user you have selected or the user affected by something.

Sending a private message to the person(s) you have selected :
$To: %[nick] From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> Some message saying something or other|

Kicking someone using the DC protocol kick command :
$Kick %[nick]|

Kicking someone using a bot called Smurf and the command "!kick nick":
$To: Smurf From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> !kick %[nick]|

Kicking someone using the command "!kickban nick reason":
<%[mynick]> !kickban %[nick] %[cheatingdescription]|


A feature is available in 0.25105581k and later versions which sends a $Kick command after sending the raw command.
Enabling this ensures that any private messages are sent (and often received) before the $Kick command is processed by the hub, and may cause some scripts to work much better.
Enabling it may also cause "hiccups" and "GUI lag" in DC++k, due to the way it is implemented.

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