Sometimes I venture out on the web to find a new game to play. Some of those I find are better than others. This one is on of the very best I ever have found out there. And since I am a bit bored today and have not made any web pages for a while, I decided to make this little page as a tribute a great game. They know how to code in Japan.

Here is the game: Click here.

It is a web game and you need some version of Flash for it to work. The boring thing with this game is you have to watch a comercial movie before the game starts. There are also a flash banner at the right side of the game screen. Some of those are just a picture, others are moving objects that takes loads of CPU power. If you get a moving banner, I recomend you to reload the page till you get a static banner and saves CPU, specially if you have an old computer.

Also, read the manual under "how to play" at the startup screen. I will not cover the details here you can read there.


So what do we do here? Well, lock at this screen:
The game scene.

The red thing in the southern corner is the generator. The enemies are trying to destroy it, by walking into it, following the red line. Your job is to stop them by destroying them before they reach the generator. If the generator is dead, game over.

The two towers in the blue ring are laser turrets. Those are mine. They fire laser beams on the enemies automaticly. The enemies are called "metalix" and are mechanic animals. They come in different models with different properties.

Every level is called a "wave". The number and types of metalix that came are the same for every wave with the same number. But the map varies. In other words, the red line they have to follow is randomized. You will learn there are for every wave a list of maps to chose from, the game does this automaticly. The turrets can be moved, and keep their possition from map to map, once the wave is completed. For this reason you have to think about where you have your turrets at the end of the wave, considering the following wave.

Every time you kill a metalix you get gold. You also get a bonus if you finish the wave, that is the wave number multiplicated by 100. So 100 gold for wave 1, 200 for wave 2 etc. This money is used to by new turrets, or upgrade them.



This game is a bit hard to win, but practice makes you better. The unexperienced player buy up many weak turrets, while the experienced one buy a few turrets and upgrade them strongly.
Keep in mind that the only thing that kills is actual fire power, so that is a prioritezed spending of your gold. "Power" and "quantity" upgrades increases the amount of damage you deal per second. "Range" only how far you reach, and "movement" how fast your turret moves. The "Fire" turret is the exception to this, since they blow a pulse that deliver an area damage to every metalix. Increasing the range of this turret increases the number of affected metalixes.

My way

At wave 1 I buy one laser, and upgrade power. As soon as I can afford it, I buy another laser. Until level 27, I buy no more turrets, but spend every gold on upgrades. The lasers is the most powerfull turret and the backbone of your defence lines.
What I do from there on is focused on making it past wave 10. First I buy into level 3 power. After that, level 2 range. Then, level 3 movement. Then, I am prepared for wave 10.

With the upgrades visible in the lower left corner,
my laser turrets are ready for wave 10.

So what is so scary about wave 10? The ball:

Here are 5 balls, as it gets in wave 20.
At wave 10, there are only one, but it is hard enough.

The balls takes a lot of punishment before they break. They are the hardest thing to kill I have seen in the game yet so far. They move slowly but steady. Your duty is to follow the ball with your turrets so they get a constant fire upon it, till it explodes. Normally it takes two lasers half the map before it gets there, but it can, if you have bad luck with what map you get, take the whole map. I have killed the ball at the last square before the generator at several occations.

If possible, make sure you kill the ball near the north western edge of the map, since that is better for wave 11.

After this it is time to prepared for wave 20. Upgrade "quantity" for both the lasers, and after that "power" to level 4, before you get to wave 20. At this wave, follow the five balls just like you did at wave 10.

By now, you have learnt that if you collide with a metalix, your turret are damaged, or even destroyed. So you know better than to stand at the red line. Good for you. But now you reach level 21. And that is where you find the "Big Egg".
The scary thing about those is they walk on a 3X3 grid square. Standing next to it will destroy your turret. Keep one extra square of distance. So, for wave 21, buy into level 3 range so you are sure to reach them from a safe position. Wave 22 is easy. Just place your turrets somewhere safe from the Big Egg and wait.
Big Eggs are big and scary.
This screenshot was taken during a screen change, something I never have captured before.

After this, I buy level 3 quantity for both lasers, and wait for wave 27. That one is quite hard, and wave 29 is even worse. I'm not sure yet of a failsafe way to play those waves. Or it can go like this...

You get trouble when they break through your defense lines.