Orvar: en serie serie ritad och berättad av Filip Wessman
Datum: 060530
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Since todays comic is in english, I think I might as well write the comment in English while I'm at it.
As you notice, I make quite few strips these days. My problem is, I am not in a good mood. No, I am not unhappy, I just have no working power to do mostly anything. This month has a bottom record of four strips, lowest ever. However, I do see some light in the tunnel, I just hope it is not an aproaching train...

Today, I read some new comics, which I liked alot. They did inspire me and made me remember how fun making comics can be. Have a look at Get Medieval I read through the entire archive today, cute drawings and intresting story. Also, I read the first two years of the General Protection Fault comic. Both of these makes daily entries so it took a while. So I just had to make some of my own.

I'll continue Orvars adventure at the tool shop tomorrow (I have a payed day off, that does not eat on my vaccation pool, heaven!) and we'll have to see where it leads from there. Meaning, you will have to see, I already know.

Also, please note; I have changed the URL to this strip. Or rather, the network changed domain and my strip followed. Please update links, bookmarks and the sort to www.fukt.bsnet.se/~fille/orvar/
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Läsare: Steve
Nice bitter sweet and ironic comic Filip:)