This site contains some of my preditions I have made. Ever since I in 1996/97 somewhere said that the only way the talibans will lose power in Afghanistan is if they help in a terror attack against USA that kills at least 3000 so that the USA invades them, I have thought of my self as an outstanding prophet, so here I now makes a list of predictions I make. This list will not be long, I will not try to explain stuff either (why I think this and that), I only say what I guess. Here we go:



Linux related

Linux will gain industry acceptance during the following five years (2007-2011). This means every hardware company will work on linux compability for their products in a higher degree during this period, untill it is de facto for most companies. This means most, or all, hardware will be supported in an easy to use way. This also means many players on the market will "open source" the software interfaces for their hardware.

Microsoft releases their own brand of Linux somewhere along 2010/2012.

Number of estimated Linux users break 50 milion summer 2008

Well, thats it for now, more predictions later.

Past predictions

Although I did not write it down, I did predict (in a web forum) a war between Israel and some arabic group, powered by Iran, in the middle of this year (2006) I had two minor wrongs in this. a) I thoght it would happen about two months earlier, and b) I could not fortell the Hezbollah involvement. Unfortunateley, the posting I did in the forum where I did the posting, has expiered so I can't prove it.