News added on 23-10-2003

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Please be aware that I am using WinRAR 3.20 which may not be compatible with earlier versions. Go to RARLAB to download WinRAR.

Changed email address ! Due to problems with my hotmail account, I've now decided to let people mail me directly. Do not mail me with HTML-only mails - only the plain text body will be read.

0.163-k*Binary0.163-k-bin.zipBinary last zipped.
0.1702-k*Sources0.1702-k.rarMy last archived 0.1702 source code.
0.1702-k*Binary0.1702-k-bin.rarBinary last zipped from 0.1702.
0.172-k*Sources0.172-k.rarMy last zipped 0.172 source code.
0.172-k*Binary0.172-k-bin.rarBinary last archived from 0.172.
0.1737-k*Sources0.1737-k.rarMy last zipped 0.1737 source code.
0.1737-k*Binary0.1737-k-bin.rarBinary last archived from 0.1737.
0.176-k*Sources0.1737-k.rarMy last zipped 0.176 source code.
0.176-k*Binary0.1737-k-bin.rarBinary last archived from 0.176.
0.177-k*Sources0.177-k.rarMy latest 0.177 source code.
0.177-k*Binary0.177-k-bin.rarThe latest 0.177 binary.
0.181-k*Sources0.181-k.rarMy latest 0.181 source code.
0.181-k*Binary0.181-k-bin.rarThe latest 0.181 binary.
0.24-k*Sources0.24-k.rarMy latest 0.24 source code.
0.24-k*Binary0.24-k-bin.rarThe latest 0.24 binary.
0.242-k*Sources0.242-k.rarMy latest 0.242 source code.
0.242-k*Binary0.242-k-bin.rarThe latest 0.242 binary.
0.250841-k*Sources0.250841-k.rar0.250841 source code.
0.250841-k*Binary0.250841-k-bin.rar0.250841 binary.
0.25-k*Sources0.25-k.rar0.25 source code.
0.25-k*Binary0.25-k-bin.rar0.25 binary.
0.251-k*Sources0.251-k.rarMy latest 0.251 source code.
0.251-k*Binary0.251-k-bin.rarThe latest binary. PDB-version HERE



No new version, just a brief update. Currently, DC++k is on hiatus (e.g. not being coded).
This is due to the fact that I am but one single person, trying to code for fun and meanwhile getting through university (or what passes for such here in Sweden).
Add to this the fact that most of my code was "rough-patched" into DC++ and the problems that this gives, and that I study to be a Computer Scientist (you know, one of these fellas that draw doodles on flat surfaces (design) before coding), and you'll soon realize why I'm trying to make some organized approach to the problems I face.
It is entirely possible that you won't. In any case, I've decided to share some of my "secret research" with you fellas out there (and thus being able to smugly refer people to this URL when they ask me pesky questions).
And now, without further ado, the link.
 -- 0.2510559894k --
* Added more threading
   may prevent or delay crashes
   thanks to everyone who reported their problems!
* It worked here (tm) (for a while anyhow)
 -- 0.2510559893k --
* Fixed the user list update crash bug
   thanks to CyberAL and Co. for reporting this!
 -- 0.2510559892k --
* Hopefully fixed the crash-on-connect bug
   this was caused by a simple comparison with NULL
    thanks to everyone who reported bugs with this one!
* Time to eat breakfast.
 -- 0.2510559891k --
* Fixed a bug in the checklist command
   thanks to CyberAL for reporting this!
* Added some error prevention to certain parts of the program
* Fixed a bug in the ML donkey detection routines
   thanks everyone who reported this!


 -- 0.251055989k --
* Added a new variable
   %[tagslots] returns the number of slots specified in the DC++ tag
* Discovered a small bug that might have caused some ghosts to remain in the list
 -- 0.251055988k --
* Fixed so that the %[whatever] commands actually do something
   oops - thanks to CyberAL for this one!
* Added /checklist (or /checkfilelist) as a command
   both to the main chat and the user commands
    thanks to CyberAL for this one!
* Added a few new variables 
   %[myshare] returns your share in bytes
   %[myshareformat] returns your formatted share
   %[myslots] returns your slots
   %[myversion] returns your version
    thanks to R200 for inspiring me to create these!


 -- 0.251055987k --
* Added new replacement variables to the user commands
   %[mode] returns the mode (if known - if not, nothing is returned)
    mode will only contain anything if the user uses a DC++ description tag
     or has been contacted - it should contain something like "", "P", "A" 
     or "5" but since that is (mostly) based what is after the M: in the tag, 
     don't count on it
  all hub variables are empty if the hub string is not present
   %[hubs] returns the hub string (1/0/2 or whatever is after the H:)
   %[normalhubs] returns the number of normal hubs (based on the hub string)
   %[registeredhubs] returns the number of registered hubs (based on the hub string)
    using %[reghubs] also works
   %[ophubs] returns the number of OP hubs (based on the hub string)
   %[totalhubs] returns the total number of hubs (based on the hub string)
  the search window has been updated with
   %[filesize] which returns the size of the file (in bytes)
   %[filesizeformat] which returns the size of the file (in an appropriate unit)
    these should be used as %[size] and %[sizeformat] may be removed in a future version
* Added "fake" quitting as a means to remove clients that are kicked
* Probably fixed the 0 byte bug, yet again a variable was not initialized
* Re-enabled edonkey/byte shared cheat-checking
* It is going to take a while to migrate to DC++ 0.261, but I trust that you are patient
 -- 0.251055986k --
* Removed lots of new code about filelists
* Temporarily removed the eDonkey/bytes shared cheat detection


 -- 0.251055985k --
* Fixed the "disconnect when finding several files" bug
   thanks to clint_moin for the hint I needed!
   the user list does not seem to work for some people
   this is next on my bug list
   I, however, do not have this problem


 -- 0.251055984k --
* Fixed the 0 bytes nick list bug
   I have to remember to test my new versions myself sometime
   actually, this might still do wrong, but in those situations
   it should not matter
    thanks to NipponPippon for reporting this
* Fixed the "dirty user refresh meant fakesharing" bug  
   thanks to all who reported this!
* Added a temporary patch for the reported commands
 -- 0.251055983k --
* Added "dirty user refresh" command
   can be used in user commands and manually
   can also be enabled in the settings
    will consume bandwidth if enabled (duh!)
   if so it is sent every five minutes
    thanks Atomic Jo for helping me with this one!
* Added command to do a manual "dirty user refresh"
   the command is /dodirtyuserrefresh 
    (aliases can be found in /help)
   thanks to Atomic Jo for this one too
* Fixed the fake share reporting bug


 -- 0.251055982k --
* Removed debugging info
   thanks clint_moin
* Removed some code from the ML Donkey thing that could affect the user
   list - other than this, there is not much I can do
* Removed the PM changes I made earlier
   thanks everyone that reported this!
* Hopefully works OK, otherwise use a working DC++k at this address :
* KNOWN BUG - forbidden files might not always be - reason unknown -
   for me to fix this I need two things - the filelist and the ADL 
   Search parameters you used - mail them to me
  -- 0.251055981k --
* Fixed some crash bugs in the hub window
   thanks to R200 for reporting this!
* ML Donkey is impossible to remove from the user list
   or so it seems - sorry everyone
* KNOWN BUG - DC++k will not always disconnect from checked users as it 
   should - this is a KNOWN BUG
* My ISP is going up and down like a jojo
-- 0.25105598k --
* Caved in to the demands and created a seperate page for all the 
   checkboxes pertaining to cheating
* Moved some options from the "DC++k Detector" page to the
   "DC++k Detector 2" page in the settings
* Probably fixed the user commands thingy
   thanks to every last one that reported this one!
* Fixed the bugs associated with selecting in the public hub list window
   my bad, I had made a small error while changing things around
    thanks to LaXu1 for reporting this!
* Added an option to remove ML Donkey clients
   they should be removed from the user list
   if you are an OP, you will kick them as well 
   (insulting them on their way out)
    thanks to everyone that suggested this!
* Added an option to remove ML Donkey clients silently
   some of you might not want to flood the chat
    this option is also marginally faster
   this option will (surprise!) kick the Donkey clients silently
* Added BETA BETA BETA support for opening downloaded filelists of users
   Please do NOT report bugs in this features!
    thanks to mai9 for this absolutely splendid idea!
* May have fixed the "slot-hogging" of the list checker
   thanks to cyberal for continually nagging me about this! ;-)
* Due to the my ISPs going down, this release was delayed a while
   perhaps that was a good thing, since I got some "nice" options done


 -- 0.251055971k --
* Fixed the "mark most people as cheaters" bug, I think
   thanks to BSOD2600 for reporting this!
 -- 0.25105597k --
* Note that in the previous version (0.25105596k) I added so that the 
   "forbidden" ADL Search property was saved
* Fixed so that you can download filelists from users with *some* 
   strange characters in their nicks
    thanks everyone that suggested this - I didn't think it would be so easy!
     (credits to arnetheduck for making simple and good code!)
* Added the ability to consider "Could not open target file..." a cheat
   this MAY cause false positives, but if so, should do it on ALL you check
    thanks to the same everyone as above!
* Fixed the end-line characters still present in the forbidden files thingy
   also fixed so that "..." will only be added if there are other forbidden files
* As you can see, yours truly has gotten off his bum to do some real testing
   and gotten some things fixed - much easier to fix things when I can
   test them myself - I have to do this more often!
* Finally fixed the bug that caused ADL Search forbidden files to fail to 
    trigger the forbidden files cheating! A small logic error was the culprit.
   The offending code has been terminated with extreme prejudice and replaced
    with new, patriotic code. All hail Eris!
   thanks to everyone who reported this bug!
 -- 0.25105596k --
* Added BETA "$Delay " and "$Wait " command support to the user commands
   they will wait for the specified amount of time and then continue
    thanks everyone that suggested this!
* Updated the design of the features pages with the new design by Atomic Jo!
   all credits to (you guessed it) Atomic jo!
 -- 0.25105595k --
* Discovered that some abusable commands were still enabled
   enabled the reporting of 'em - sorry for this one!
* Added /help entries for the new commands
   thanks to R200 for inspiring me to do this!
* Added /raw (and /rawsend) command capability to user commands
   beware - use this AT YOUR OWN RISK! All "normal" %[] are available as usual
    thanks to cyberal and everyone else for suggesting this!
* Updated the homepage links, may give some people an easier time browsing my site
   thanks again to cyberal!
* Fixed so that the forbidden files property is loaded and saved!
   thanks to spookie for this one!


 -- 0.25105594k --
* Fixed so that the junk file check does not check ADL Search directories
   thanks to BSOD2600 for reporting this one!


 -- 0.25105593k --
* Fixed the forbidden files ... bug
   thanks to BSOD2600 for reporting this one!

 -- 0.25105592k --
* Oops! I forgot an entry in the StringDefs, which made DC++k a bit... wonky
   thanks to everyone who reported this!


 -- 0.25105591k --
* Fixed so that the fake share command is properly terminated again
   was broken due to a "fix" I implemented in preparation for 
   %[delay:xyz] and other split-type commands
    thanks to Saruman for reporting this!
* Added yet another patch for the continous rechecking of filelists
   thanks to XeroX for making me do this!
* Fixed so that the main chat will not be flooded with long forbidden 
   file listings.
    thanks to cyberal for the suggestion!
* Added "Ignore private messages from cheaters" feature
   thanks to cyberal for suggesting this!
* Added "Always reply with away message to private messages" feature
   thanks to cyberal for suggesting this one too!
* Added "Always reply with away message to cheaters private messages" feature
   thanks to cyberal for implicating this as a desirable feature!


 -- 0.2510559k --
* Added the ability to use "search" and "opsearch" as "Hub IP / DNS"
   value in the User Menu Item
   If these are used then that command will only be visible in the 
    search window (and if you prefix it with "op" it will only be 
    visible if you are an OP).
   thanks to myself for figuring out that people might want this!
* Added BETA forbidden file feature to ADL Search
   You should only have to check the "Forbidden file" checkbox
   and you're good to go
   NOTE: Do NOT add the destination directory "<<>>"
    to any other ADL Searches - any files in that directory are 
    considered forbidden (big surprise, huh?)
   NOTE2: If a filelist already contains a directory called 
   "<<>>" any files in that directory will be considered
   forbidden. This is not a bug. If a user is stupid enough to do this,
   well, good riddance to them.
   NOTE3: The destination directory of a forbidden file ADL Search is ignored.
* Changed the format of the forbidden file listing in the cheating 
   description - it will now be a bit more compact (and maybe a bit more
   hard to read)
    thanks to cyberal for this suggestion!


 -- 0.25105581k --
* Fixed the "make all commands add the current file as a forbidden file" bug
   hugs to XeroX for giving me the info I needed to stomp this bug!
    (it should be fixed now, however, considering that it is 2 AM, I'll accept
    a "possible" fix over a "definite" fix :)
* Added a new option to DC++k in the earlier version, the option to send the 
   hub a kick message a bit of time AFTER the command has been sent.
    This may cause "hiccups" and lag on your client, especially since I 
    increased the delay to 500 ms (from 200 ms) in this version.
    To enable this, simply check the appropriate checkbox in the DC++k Detector Page.
   thanks to cyberal for reminding me (at least, I hope it was cyberal ;)
* Sleep, blessed sleep!


 -- 0.2510558k --
* Fix (tm) Edition :-)
* Fixed the error in junk share reporting
   thanks to cyberal for notifying me!
* Added some more description to the junk share reporting
   thanks to cyberal for suggesting this!
* Fixed the "/addforbiddenfile" command in the search frame
   thanks to [PT]Devilishly for the bug report!
* Added %[filename] to the search window user commands
   this will be replaced by the filename (without path)
    thanks to [PT]Devilishly for inspiring me to add this!
* A *possible* fix to an Unhandled exception
   if it works, thanks to Mr. Guest - otherwise, shame on me
* Fixed so that files containing alt+255 are not considered junk anymore
   thanks to cyberal for this one!
* Added a setting so that DC++ can continue connecting 
   even when its nick was taken
    hope Event_Horizon likes this one! :)


 -- 0.2510557k --
* Added the possibility to use /addforbiddenfile to the 
   search window user commands
    thanks to [PT]Devilishly for suggesting this!
* Made some fixes that may make continous checking work
* Fixed a new DC++k icon
   thanks to Nofear for suggesting this!
* Updated the junk files cheating description
   thanks to cyberal for nagging me about this! :)
* Fixed a bug (well, kinda)
   thanks to Mr. Guest for reporting it!
* Fixed the junk files somewhat
   only directories STARTING with alt+255 are considered junk
    before all files containing alt+255 were considered junk
     thanks to cyberal for the report!


 -- 0.2510556k --
* Added an option to treat ANY junk files just 
   as if the user were fakesharing
    thanks to Mr. Guest for inspiring me to do this!
* Fixed (I think) the multiple forbidden files thingy
   also fixed the redundant display of the forbidden files
    thanks to XeroX for pointing out the bugs!


 -- 0.2510554k --
* Added new description for junk files to make it less like 
   the normal fake share report.
   thanks to cyberal for the suggestion!
* Fixed the "too even share" report
   thanks to all people who reported this!
* Fixed so that when a single forbidden file is detected it will be reported on one line
   thanks to XeroX(tm) for suggesting this!
* May have fixed the "multiple forbidden files"
   thanks to XeroX(tm) for reporting this!
* May have fixed the "do not check OPs" bug
   thanks to Spookie for reporting this!
* Will only try to send the fake share command once
   thanks to all people who suggested this!


 -- 0.2510553k --
* Added experimental forbidden files checking
   add forbidden files with /addforbiddenfiles 
   remove them with /removeforbiddenfiles 
   show them with /showforbidden
   IMPORTANT! Do not add filenames containing the pipe "|" character.
    This will mess up the file checking.
   Currently, a case-insensitive check is done.
* Added check for forbidden files
   this will be found if the user shares more than zero bytes and 
    has a filelist size that is less than one hundred (100) bytes
   defaults to OFF
   thanks to Darkie for suggesting this one!
* Added check for too small filelists
   this will be found if the user shares more than zero bytes and 
    has a filelist size that is less than one hundred (100) bytes
   defaults to OFF
   thanks to xAyiDe for inspiring me to this one!
* Added check for too even share size
   this will be found if the share size contains more than six zeroes in a row
    OR if the share size can be divided by one megabyte and resulting in an integer
   currently this may be a bit dysfunctional, but it should not kick people without due cause
   defaults to OFF
   thanks to xAyiDe for inspiring me to this one!
* Fixed so that a user is not considered to be cheating when they are not supposed to
   e.g. when the settings say otherwise
* Fixed so that filelist downloads will follow the maximum download rules
* All of the above functionality is BETA (e.g. defaults to OFF)
   any bugs in them should be submitted to me by mail, since I will be gone for a few days
    (midsummer in Sweden means lots of food and alcohol - wheee!)
   because of this, you can download 0.2510552k at this place :


 -- 0.2510552k --
* Fixed erroneous output with decompression error
   thanks, cyberal!
* Fixed some bugs with threads
   thanks, Atomic Jo!
* Fixed the stop continuous checking command
   thanks to XeroX (tm)
 -- 0.2510551k --
* Added support for XML hublists
   thanks to Atomic Jo for this one (and the fellas at, of course)
* Added an option to allow rechecking of clients
   if this is done while activating continuous checking, 
    you will waste quite a lot of bandwidth
* Added beta feature : threaded continuous file checking
   start/stop with /startcontinuouschecking and /stopcontinuouschecking
    -or- /startchecking and /stopchecking
   this check will obey the "Do not check..." options but may re-check users
* Added an option to ignore "No slots available despite DC++..."
* Fixed so that when a filelist has been successfully downloaded
   the user will be no longer be considered a cheater
* Fixed so if you choose a few users in the user pane and use "Check filelist"
   they will be checked whether or not they have been checked before
* Fixed so that the nicks will be included if re-checking is disabled and you check cheaters


 -- 0.251055k --
* MuLTe edition (murky)
* Added a possible trap to a lock error
   thanks to Mr. Guest for this one
* Note about lock errors
   when these occur, I am not too sure what the problem is - 
    it might be because of an overabundance of threads,
    or something like that - and thus I can't often fix them
* Added another command example to the raw command howto
   thanks to Fake Id for making me do this one
* Added an option to suppress all cheating reporting to the hub window
   thanks to Fake Id for suggesting this

 -- 0.2510541k --
* MuLTe edition (wobbly)
* Added a possible fix to a crash problem
   thanks to Atomic Jo for this one
* Fixed so that the fake share command is only sent when it's supposed to
   thanks to Spookie for getting my attention about this


 -- 0.251054k --
* MuLTe edition (decaying)
* Added a fix that might fix the unhandled exceptions
   if they do, it's because of users have left the hub


 -- 0.251053k --
* MuLTe edition (decaying)
* Added a lot more logging
   thanks to cyberal for suggesting this
* %[cheatingdescription] is only supposed to contain 
   the reason for why DC++k considers the user cheating,
   and NOT the nick of the user in question.
   I've now fixed this in the code.
* I have had lots of bug reports, and I've decided to notify all users of DC++k that
   IF you want to send me your exceptioninfo.txt files, USE THIS PDB-FILE :
   if you do not use this one I will send your bug reports to the closest scrap heap


 -- 0.251052k --
* MuLTe edition (somewhat new and with fewer bugs)
* Added some error-handling code
   thanks to Shinonome for pointing me in the right direction, even if I do not know what went wrong
* Added some more granularity to share checking
   users that disconnect you when downloading their filelist can be ignored
    (Settings->Advanced->Consider disconnecting when downloading filelist to be cheating)
* Still waiting for bug reports which make sense :)


 -- 0.251051k --
* MuLTe edition (rather new and improved!)
* Fixed a CPU-hogging / crash bug
-- 0.25105k --
* MuLTe edition (new and improved!)
* Added some more detection to the fake-share detector
   a maximum size of filelists is now enforced
    filelists larger than 10 megabytes (default setting) are considered to be faked
   if DC++k is disconnected when downloading the filelist, it is considered cheating IF
    "Assume that exceptions..." is checked
   hopefully the logging will work (not tested)
* Fixed a bug with the fake share command
   will now send the fakeshare command whenever something weird with the share is detected
   this includes whenever the filelist can not be opened


 -- 0.251042k --
* MuLTe edition
* Added a small patch to the QueueFrame which may stop Wisp's Unhandled Exceptions
   "user-less sources" are now ignored - this is merely a patch for the problem
* Added a small framework for identifying the clients of users
* Fixed so that opening filelists is no longer done in a thread with low priority
   thanks to Sedulus for pointing my lazy bum to this one
* Revamped thread priorities
   you might notice DC++ stealing a little bit more CPU now, 
    but it will hopefully be a bit faster (I made the priorities a little more granular)
* Fixed so that the README.txt file is added to the binary distribution
* Fixed (almost complete) compliance with W3C standards (yay!)


 -- 0.251041k --
* MuLTe edition
* Added some fixes to the share checker - it might work better now
   thanks to Snooze for the report!
* Fixed the "only when OP" checkbox - sorry about that
   thanks to NipponPippon and Spookie for this!
* Added a possible fix to the "crash when downloading new users list"
 -- 0.25104k --
* Restored upload/download limit to use old values - may not work well when you have large limits
* Second MuLTe edition
* Added yet another option to the share checker - only send fake share command if OP
   thanks to KLesK for this one
* First MuLTe edition ever!
* Added some parameters to the user command
   commands only available in the search frame
     %[size] - the size of the file in question
     %[sizeformat] - the size of the file in question, formatted to kilo/mega/giga byte
     %[slots] - the amount of slots of the user
     %[freeslots] - the amount of free slots of the user
   commands available in the hub frame and in the search frame
     %[cheatingdescription] - the cheating description (if any)
* Fixed the getTargetsBySize bug (I hope!)
   thanks to Snooze and NipponPippon
-- 0.25103k --
* First MuLTe edition ever!
   don't ask, don't tell
   do NOT use /multeedition unless you know what you are doing
* Fixed the Fake Share Command so that it terminates the command with a pipe character.
* Added some parameters to the raw / Fake Share Command
	%[cheatingdescription] will now send the description of the cheating that the user does


 -- 0.25102k --
* Added options to the share-checker to stop it from scanning OPs and 0-byte sharers
* Added a command - /stopcheckshare (or /stopsharecheck) will stop the share checking
   it will not stop immediately, however, and users may still be added to the share checking
* Fixed a caching issue with the refresh user list (hopefully)
   may cause problems if one user logs out and another with the same nick logs in
* Fixed the private message problem with chat-only mode
   thanks to yakko for reminding me of this problem!


 -- 0.25101k --
* Cleaned up some constant strings and put them in stringdefs
* Thanks to the ViewCVS proggy at sourceforge (
   it helped me upgrade to the 0.251 source base in a few minutes

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